Swedish Trust Companies

Swedish trust company

Sweden Trust Company offers you the opportunity for Profit, Privacy and Asset Protection.

Within the world of commercial contracts, Sweden law, like all other laws, on occasion adopted foreign legal concepts that have adapted perfectly to our needs both certainty and flexibility in the scope of trade relations asked, a Sweden Trust Company is an ideal entity because it combines privacy, stability and can offer financial services to non-Swedish citizens. A Swedish Trust is an offshore trust and this happen when it’s outside the country of habitual residence of the person who promotes it (called the settlor) and the beneficiaries, in this case in Sweden.

In the Sweden Trust, the assets constitute a separate fund and are not a part of the trustee’s own estate; the trustee has the power and the duty, in respect of which he is accountable, to manage, employ or dispose of the assets in accordance with the terms of the trust and the special duties imposed upon him by law.

All the Swedish Trust are under the Swedish Money Laundering Prevention Law.

The specific functions of these businesses should note the following:

The taxation

Trust Companies operating in Sweden that maintain physical offices with hired personnel are subject to the low Sweden tax brackets, which vary depending on the location. You don’t have to pay withholding taxes on interest payments and dividends, and exemption from corporate income tax on dividends and capital gains.