Offshore car registration

 Car registration

The concept of Offshore Car Registration is becoming increasingly popular among residents of European Countries where it is legal to drive a vehicle that is registered in another Country. There are many reasons why people may choose to register their car offshore, often it is due to the vehicle that they are importing, being unable to comply with local vehicle requirements for registration, despite the vehicle being in safe working condition and with minimal engine emissions.

Regulations in some countries require expensive compliance testing on all imported vehicles, and even more costly in other jurisdictions are the VAT or Import Duties due on imported vehicles upon first registration. Whatever the situation, there may be a easy way to avoid all the unnecessary time and money wasted, just to drive the vehicle of your choice!

Vanuatu have discontinued Foreign Vehicle Registrations. They have also done the same thing with their foreign and domestic Yacht Registrations.Cars can be still registered in many different places.