Assistance with the purchasing of banks and financial institutions currently operating

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Banking has been considered to be a symbol of wealth and economic power by the public and businesses. Offshore banks offer many advantages such as legal tax savings and holding profits in low to zero tax jurisdictions. Avia and Slogold Group S.A. is greatly involved in the banking sector. We can assist with putting the client in contact with those owners seeking to sell their banks. Our company can also carry out personalized searches depending on your needs and find banks that are up for sale. It is important to know that the process cannot be carried out with just a small amount of money. The banks that are for sale are ones that have a valid license and have a local presence in the jurisdiction where they are registered.

If you are interested in buying an existing bank or forming a new one, please contact us. However, as a first step to start the process, we require you to provide proof of funds to confirm that you are able to make this type of investment.

Banks that are available:

  • Bank A
  • Bank B
  • Bank C
  • Bank D
  • Bank E
  • In the Caribbean
  • In the Caribbean
  • In the Caribbean
  • In Latin America
  • In Latin America
  • available, price $6m
  • available, price $120m
  • available, price $12.5m
  • available, price $350m
  • available price $70m

We can also provide information about registration of financial entities that can be set up in Panama.

Offshore Banks in Panama – Panama has offshore banks and complete banks available for investors. A $10,000,000 cash deposit is required to obtain a Panama banking license. A $3,000,000 cash deposit is required for obtaining a Panama offshore banking license. Contact us for additional information.

Panama Savings and Loans (Financieras) – Panama offers savings and loans services. These entities are not authorized to offer checking accounts. However, financieras in Panama are authorized to accept deposits from private or corporate investors receiving a particular interest rate and the proceeds of the deposits are loaned at a higher rate.

Panama Trust Companies – A $250,000 deposit is required as well as legal documents, payment of legal fees, a physical office and workforce.

Offshore banks in St. Vincent – St. Vincent is one of the locations where government still issue new offshore bank licenses of different types.