Advantages of Anguilla mutual funds

Anguilla Mutual Funds

A mutual fund as defined by the Act means a company incorporated, a partnership formed, a unit trust organized or other similar body formed under the laws of Anguilla of any other jurisdiction that collects and pools investor monies for the purpose of investing collectively. The fund must also issue shares that entitle the holder of those shares to receive on demand or within a specified period after demand an amount calculated by reference to the value of a proportionate interest in the whole or in a part of the net assets of the company, partnership, the unit trust or similar body. The definition of a mutual fund includes an umbrella fund whose shares are split into a number of different class funds or sub-funds. The definition also includes a fund that has single investor which is a mutual fund not registered or recognized under this Act.

Which type of mutual funds are provided for under the Act?

Anguilla Off-shore Mutual Funds FAQ.

Fees to Set up Anguilla Off shore Mutual Funds