Aviabiz company

Aviabiz.com provides offshore company incorporations, onshore companies incorporation, assistance with off-shore bank accounts and related services to clients worldwide. We have structured, incorporated and managed over 1000 companies all around the world. These companies are generally incorporated in low or zero-tax jurisdictions, all of which are politically, economically and legally stable. We also take care about all incorporated companies offering organizational, maintenance, administration and accounting services. All services are provided in cooperation with qualified legal and accounting professionals licensed in those jurisdictions.

Aviabiz.com specializes in all legal ways in arranging suitable and lawful offshore structuring both for your business and private deals. Aviabiz.com sets up offshore companies, off-shore trusts, off shore foundations, offshore bank accounts, off-shore banking licenses, offshore insurance companies. Aviabiz.com grants your privacy, security and confidentiality. We always take care to position our services to legal and financial intermediaries in such a way as to complement, rather than replace, local advisors of the client or intermediary. Avia Business Services is a multinational privately owned company and is based in the Costa Rica. Aviabiz.com is represented by dozens of firms and specialists in corporate advisory services, financial issues, banking and insurance services, mergers, acquisitions, venture capital, administration and company establishment. The Aviabiz.com team is formed by financial and corporation specialists who have long years of experience resulting from their activities in other firms and foreign banks. The Aviabiz.com vision is to provide professional advisory services connected with acquisitions, mergers, venture capital, investments, registration and management of offshore and onshore firms, sale of firms and enterprises, insurance sector and private banking services.