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Oregon Limited Liability Companies

LLC in Florida

Oregon Limited Liability companies provide benefits and advantages of other forms of US business organizations without most of the restrictions. Most importantly for the person or group who want a US company which provides a status very similar to a traditional Offshore Corporation (IBC) registered in an Offshore Tax Haven, the US LLC is tax free on business transactions outside the US and whose members are US non-resident aliens. It is sometimes referred to as an Oregon offshore company or Oregon offshore LLC.

Characteristics and advantages of an Oregon Limited Liability Company

An Oregon LLC may have a life in perpetuity. Conditions for the sale, transfer or disposition of a member's interest should be set out in a Members' Agreement. Nominee members may be used in an LLC.

The Oregon LLC is a good vehicle for non-resident aliens to earn tax free income utilizing a US business entity, but not conducting its business in the USA.

Oregon LLC's are not known by tax authorities outside the US, compared to Delaware LLC's, which are often used to minimize tax liabilities.

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