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What is financial services?

Financial service solutions

The issuance of bank licenses by offshore countries is now something of the past. Look for simple options for setting up deposit taking entities, investment services, Forex trading with metals, etc. (Swedish Credit Union, Panama Offshore Financial Company with Financial License, Swedish Trust Company, New Zealand Offshore Financial Company, Offshore Brokerage Company, Switzerland Trust Company).

Swedish Trust Company. The company can manage any asset maintained in the trust for any amount of clients (natural persons or legal entities), residing in any country in the world. Panama Offshore Financial Company. This is a new financial entity introduced into the market. The company is designed for corporations registered in Panama that seek to acquire licenses to offer services such as payment processing, credit card management, the trading of metals, leasing, factoring, etc.

BVI Offshore Closed Ended Hedge Fund. This type of fund is not regulated and not covered by the Mutual Funds Act in BVI. The fund is generally used as hedge funds, private equity investment companies, etc.

Global Branded Debit Card Solutions. Our company offers reloadable debit card merchant solutions, personalized for any type of business. Types of cards offered: Maestro, VISA, VISA electron, MasterCard.

New Zealand Offshore Financial Company (NZOFC). This type of company provides bank services for private persons and corporate entities worldwide without limitations on the number of clients, deposit amounts or currency number.

Offshore Brokerage License. International brokerage and clearing house license issued by the government that authorizes the holder to conduct activities such as brokerage, issuance and underwriting of securities, asset management, clearing transactions, fund management, payment processing, trading of currency and financial consultation.

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