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International brokerage & Clearing house

The International Brokerage & Clearing House License allows for the license holder to engage in activities such as:

  • Stock Brokerage
  • Securities Brokerage
  • Financial Advisory
  • Asset Management
  • Fund Management
  • Custody Services
  • Transaction Clearing
  • Payment Processing
  • Currency Trading (FOREX)
  • Issuance of Securities
  • Underwriting of Securities
Broker Licenses - Forex Trade

In order to apply for a license the applicant must first establish an International Business Company (IBC). This process takes approximately 48 hours from receipt of the relevant documentation. Minimum number of directors and shareholders depends on location where application for license is made. Also minimum authorized and paid up capital depend on jurisdiction.

Some countries require taking an exam to acquire the license, and for it the applicant has to become eligible. The applicant must gain experience in a brokerage firm, for at least four months. This exam is known as The General Securities Registered Representative Examination.

Avia and Slogold Group S.A. can assist with brokerage license applications in countries like:

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